Endzone Cameras in Windy Conditions

Endzone Cameras in Windy Conditions

Endzone Camera manufacturers know the danger in not reinforcing their tower poles with the engineering required to handle harsh, outdoor environments. While any tower is susceptible to blowing over in the wind, some are more sturdy than others.

The Quadpod

All of Sport Scope's 30' towers are designed with four legs rather than three. This gives our endzone camera telescoping poles extra stability in the wind. Under normal conditions, you most likely will not need to use the provided ground stakes to secure the feet to the ground, although this is always recommended.

American Made, Quality Frame

Your sports program can purchase a cheap end zone camera tower to save money, but it cannot be overstated how much easier these cheaper, flimsier tower frames can be blown over by the wind. A solid, American-made pole made by a company who has affiliation with a deployable military shelter producer makes much more sense. And that's exactly who Sport Scope is and yet we still provide our End Zone Camera systems at a very competitive price.

Using Sandbags

Reiterating what was stated above, all endzone cameras are susceptible to being blown over by heavy winds. Therefore, ensuring tower safety requires some responsibility. We always recommend using our provided ground stakes for extra security, but if this is not an option or if gusting winds are particularly powerful, using sandbags is also recommended. This is a cheap, efficient method of weighing down the legs and/or base plate. You may also want to lower your tower by a few feet in order to combat the wind and excessive camera movement.

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Posted on December 21, 2018