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The Easiest Endzone Camera System Setup with Sport Scope Smart Camera

As a football program, you spend a lot of time on your video technologies. You rely on elevated end zone camera footage and sideline replay to learn from mistakes, make in-game adjustments, and progress as a team. What you as a coaching staff don't need is an arduous set up process and frustration messing with cables and/or a surplus of equipment.

The Smart Endzone Camera System is the answer to this concern. Setting this system up for elevated video filming and for streaming live views and replays to your iPads is unlike anything you've ever seen.

Smart Camera Set Up

As seen in the above images, the majority of your entire end zone camera system is contained in one hard case. The Smart Camera Pan/Tilt head screws on top of the tower. The camera is already assembled. Simply connect the cords from the Smart Camera base to the camera and you're already half way done.

One ethernet cord runs from the Smart Camera base down to the ground. Connect this to your router and then connect the antenna and the battery to the router. That's it!

Wireless End Zone Connectivity

You'll connect to the system from our simple-to-use, free-to-download iPad app. The Smart Camera creates its own private wireless network, which only the coaches will have the password to. No need for 3G or 4G wireless connectivity!

We've also given an extra router and antenna to boost the strength of your network. Use these in the Pressbox on gameday. They also make adding a 2nd EDGE Replay angle incredibly easy should your program want to make this recommended purchase.

The simplicity and ease of use with this system is unmatched. With the Smart Endzone Camera System watch your set up time and the constant struggling with technology equipment vanish before your eyes.

The new Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera is on sale now! At a highly competitive price, easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. And remember that with our February promotion you get $300 off the 30' Smart Endzone Camera! This is the most innovative technology on the market today. Elevate your team above the rest with the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on February 23, 2018