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Instant Replay Comparison – Sport Scope Video

Instant Replay Comparison

This comparison page of Instant Replay systems is based off information gathered from competitor’s websites and/or from coaching clinics and convention research. Comparison based on systems using real cameras, not iOS device cameras.

Company EDGE Replay Hudl Sideline echo1612 Skycoach GameStrat
1 Angle Price - Existing Camera $1,499 $900 $2,199 $1,295 $975-$1,275
2 Angle Price - Existing Camera $2,499 $1,500 $3,499 $1,595 $1,675
1 Angle Annual Fee $499 $900 $400 $1,295 $975-$1,275
2 Angle Annual Fee $499 $1,500 $400 $1,595 $1,675
3-Point Network Yes No Yes Yes No
Premounted Hardware Yes Yes No No No
Download Speeds (30-Second Video) 2-3 seconds 20-30 seconds N/A N/A N/A
Laptops Needed No No No 1 Per Angle 1 Per Angle
Total Computer Costs (If Not Already Owned) $0 $0 $0 $700-$1,400 $700-$1,400
Synced Angles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Picture in Picture Viewing Yes No No No Yes
Unlimited Angles (Real Cameras) Yes No Yes Yes No
Easy/Predictive Play Tagging Yes No No Yes Yes
Game Stats Engine Yes No No Yes Yes
Opponent Tendencies Yes No No Yes Yes
Electrical Outlet Needed
Endzone No No No Yes Yes
Sideline No No No Yes Yes
Built-in HDMI Splitter Yes No Yes N/A No
HDMI Cables Included Yes No No Yes No
Total Cost After 5 Years - 1 Angle $3,495 $4,500 $3,799 $6,475 $4,875-$6,375
Total Cost After 5 Years - 2 Angle $4,495 $7,500 $5,099 $7,975 $8,375