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EDGE Replay Testimonials

We can't thank EDGE Replay enough. A few years ago we bought the Echo1612 system and we could not even get it to work during the 2015/16 season. I told our head coach that we could probably get it up and running for this year and to not put more money into another system. I was wrong. After hours of trying to get it setup, hours waiting for and speaking to their support, and after missing our first two games due to troubleshooting a system that constantly went in and out, I finally gave in and called EDGE. They told me how simple and efficient their system was and I didn't really believe it could be that easy based on my previous experience with Echo1612. We received the system quickly, set it up in no time, tested it on a Thursday, set it up for the game without any issues, and used it during that game and the remainder of the season without any problems. I can't believe we wasted so much time with the other system. All I can say is it is easy to setup, simple to use, and it works! Thank you EDGE Replay!

Daniel Gladwell, Booster Association, Gridiron Board

Chattahoochee High School, Johns Creek, Georgia

The Luxemburg-Casco Football program purchased the Edge Replay system this past Fall. I believe it was an integral part of our team achieving its first Conference championship in eleven years, as well as having an undefeated regular season. Our defensive and offensive coaches were both able to utilize the system between series which helped us to make necessary corrections in real time. We were able to connect our iPads to a 32” TV monitor during games which allowed for valuable coach and player interaction. Because the system does not require wifi, we were able to take advantage of the system at both home and at away games. Set up was not complicated, and I found Derek to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable whenever assistance was needed.

David Tlachac, Assistant Varsity Coach

Luxemburg-Casco High School, Luxemburg, WI

At the games we setup the Dual Press Box and 30' Endzone Camera System and hooked up the Edge Replay to each. This year we played in all kinds of conditions and stadium sizes and the Edge Replay system worked great. In the state championship game we played at Williams-Brice stadium (over 80,000 capacity). The sideline replay ran without a hitch. We only had 30 minutes to get setup but we finished with time to spare. Whenever we needed technical assistance the staff at Sport Scope was always quick to respond. This is a great company to work with and they were a big help in achieving our school's first undefeated season and 2nd state championship.

Tom Knotts, Head Football Coach and Doug Rivers, Assistant Football Coach

Dutch Fork High School, SC

2016 South Carolina State AAAAA Champions

I switched to Edge Replay this season and it was undoubtedly the best decision I made. I had gone with a competitor during our 2015 season and it was nothing but frustrations and complications. 1 week into this season nothing had improved and I started searching. When I came across Edge Replay it seemed too good to be true, but believe me, the setup is small, quick, and very efficient. Support has been fantastic as they are always contacting us to make sure things are going great. This is ABSOLUTELY the best setup in the industry.

Ed Gilreath, Head Football Coach

Timberland High School, Wentzville, MO

We purchased the Edge Replay system to go along with our Sports Scope End Zone camera and our Press box Tripod camera. This ultimate combination gave us a competitive advantage that led us to the second round of the playoffs. We hooked the system up to a smart board on the sidelines and had a large visible viewing during games with immediate feedback following each play. The system allowed us to correct reads and misalignments instantly. The Edge Replay uses its own network so we were able to take it to every road game and the lack of Wi-Fi at some stadiums was never an issue. Can’t wait to add the End Zone Replay system to the mix next season.

Marc Jackson, Defensive Coordinator

Timber Creek High School, Orlando, FL

We were able to utilize the EDGE Instant Replay as immediate feed back for our players. We have two platoons in our program and the EDGE is a tool we use to coach between series. This allowed clear communication with our players and allowed all coaches to be on the same page throughout the game. The EDGE was accessible during the game and our players were able to view their mistakes, making corrections more efficient.

David McKenna, Head Football Coach

Gonzaga Prep, Spokane, WA

2015 4A State Champions

My staff and I put the Edge Sideline Replay and its staff through every test we could think of, and they passed them all with flying colors. The system was able to withstand extreme Arizona heat and operate without a glitch. We also loved how it not only was easy to operate with minimal staff but also extremely easy to set up. My IT guy and I looked into many different football replay systems and EDGE Replay topped every category including price, signal strength, ease of use, and by far the best customer service of them all. Anytime we have a question or concern the staff at EDGE Replay was easy to get a hold and on top of anything we needed.

Sean Hinton, Head Football Coach

Thatcher High School, AZ

I just want to let you know how excited our coaches are about using the Edge Instant Replay system this coming season. We tested the system at some of our 7 on 7 games this summer and the coaches love it. The replay is on the sideline almost instantly. The controls are easy use and the video capture process works smoothly. Setup is quick and simple. We plan to display the replay on a 48” monitor on the field so that our coaches can review the previous series with our players when they come off the field. This will allow us to make adjustments on the fly rather than waiting until halftime. Your customer support has been great and we look forward to using the new features you are constantly adding to the software. The process of uploading the video and tagging to Hudl is simple and quick. We spent a lot of time comparing the different replay systems currently on the market and I am convinced we made the right decision. We believe this system is going to give us an immediate advantage over our competition. We look forward to working with you all for many successful seasons.

Kelly Kirkland, Head Football Coach

Duncan High School, Duncan, OK

The EDGE replay system was a tremendous tool that helped us win the 2016 NYS Section VI AA Championship. The ability to give our players almost instant visual feedback on the sidelines is a powerful tool on both sides of the ball. It also helped us make better halftime adjustments because our staff was able to analyze both the pressbox and endzone views of plays that were giving us problems. We are excited to use our EDGE Replay system in our upcoming 7vs7 passing league games in preparation for our 2017 season!

Dave Mansell, Defensive Coordinator

Lancaster Legends Football, Lancaster, NY

2016 AA State Champions