EDGE Instant Replay Exchange Program – Sport Scope Video

Instant Replay Exchange Program

Exchange for EDGE Replay Details

Exchange your Hudl Sideline or other replay system for a New EDGE Replay system..

"I used EDGE Replay, Hudl Sideline, and Echo1612 this season and EDGE Replay won hands down. EDGE downloads to your iPad way faster, has more app features, is easier to set up, and comes with everything you need. Also, they have amazing customer support!"
- Rolo Andreola, Vista High School, CA

How the Exchange Works

  • Contact us at 888-335-7875 or info@sportscopevideo.com to join.
  • Send us your Hudl Sideline or other replay equipment.
  • Pay us your 2017 Hudl software fee or $900 for 1 angle, $1,500 for 2 angles.
  • Discounts for District or Division multi school purchase.
  • Receive all new EDGE Replay hardware within 2 weeks.
  • You will now have the best replay system on the market!